What is the best material of brush for bunnies?

Your rabbits need to be groomed regularly as bushing keeps their coat in good condition, prevent some skin diseases: matted fur, ingrown nails and a whole host of other health problems. When it comes to grooming, the most important tool you should have is the best brush for bunnies.

With the good brush, the work of grooming should be quick and easy, with minimal stress to your pets. The material of the brushes will depend on your bunny’s requirement and your preference.

#1 Plastic brushes

If you look for a bunnies brush in the pet store, you may realize that plastic brush is the most popular types of brushes. The pro is that they are cheap, they also easy to handle and lightweight. You will be brushing your rabbit twice a week, so plastic brushes will be ideal to prevent discomfort and hand fatigue even when using them for hours.

However, the downside is that plastic material is quite flimsy. If you look for a durable brush that can last for long term, then you should not go with plastic. They tend to break easily since they are a bit flexible than other materials.

#2 Wooden Brushes

Wooden bunnies brushes are not eco friendly, stylish, specticular, but they are also durable that can last for several years. cause you’ll be brushing your rabbit frequently, you should buy a brush that will hold up for a while. Whooden brushes cannot be break easily even if it is accidentally dropped on the floors and won’t budge even with a nibbler.

However, there is a not when using wooden products that they require more effore to maintain. Wood can be hard to clean and tends to accumulate mold and smell if it is wet for long.

#3 Metalic Brushes

It is obvious that metal brushes are most durable and reliable material to go with for long term use. The traditional design metal brushed may be heavy that make you uncomfortable to handle and get tired of holding after hours. However, there are also some newer models of them that have a lightweight design.

The advantage of metal brush is that they are very easy to clean. You just need soak them in the mixture of water and soap for a few minute. Some metal brushes tend to have a bulky design, which causes hand fatigue and can be too rough on your rabbit’s sensitive skin and fur.