What are different types of chew toys should you give syrian hamster?

When it comes to best toys for Syrian hamster, there is a huge range of options available for all. Toys will provide your hamsters with enough stimulation in order to keep them active, entertained, and most of all – healthy. Chewing toys are necessary for all hamsters. Hamsters need to constantly chew in order to keep their teeth in check as their front teeth are alwys growing.

However, when considering chewing toys for your Syrian hamster, not every animal is going to like the same thing. Your syrian hamster may dislike and refuse the toys you give them. This is why you should know about different types of chewing toys and also tips to make them like these toys.

#1 Wood chews for Syrian hamster

Unpainted, untreated wooden hamster toys are the safest option for your hamster. The wood is a great way to help your hamster file down his teeth, and it’s really sturdy. Ensure that the woos chews toys you choose do not contain toxic chemicals that could kill your hamster.

If you have a problem with your hamster avoiding wooden chews, you can try to appeal to his interest by rubbing something tasty onto the wood. 100% natural apple fruit juice and can be used to soak wood toys.

Besides, chew toys should be carefully sculpted to guarantee smooth corners, keeping your pet safe.

#2 Best non-wood chews

Apple chews are a great way for hammies to file down their teeth and get some extra fruit in their diet. Pear is also another organic and exclusively fruit that your Syria hamsters, they are sure to love it.

If you have a strict budget, the Kaytee Carousel Carrot Small Animal Chew Toy is the perfect choice for your hamsters. They are little wooden carrot that have little crunchy loofah chews inside of them. Not quite a treat in the edible sense, but can still be engaging to the hamster.

It is best to give these to your hamster along with other treats.

#3 Dog biscuits

While wood is the most natural chewing material, you can give your hamster dog biscuits. hamsters will do great with dog treats as well. Dog treats are very hard and crunchy is what hamsters love to wear down their teeth. However, you should not provide flavored dog biscuits for hamster.

Even hard cereal, such as rolled oat cereals, can keep the teeth in check. Milk bones also can be good chew toys for Syrian hamsters as they must spend entire days to go through the treat. A box of milk bones will last you pretty long time.

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