What are the different types of dwarf hamster toys?

Just like other house pets who are kept in the enclosure, dwarf hamster also require entertainment in order to be happy. There are some different types of best toys for dwarf hamsters that will help prevent boredom and satisfy your dwarf hamster’s natural curiosity.

Although they are all designed to entertain hamster, they have different purposes. The three must-have types of toys for your tiny friend are toys for playing, toys for exercising and toys for chewing. I would like to recommend providing your hamsters all those types of toys to enrich their environment and keep them healthy and happy in their cage.

#1 Dwarf hamster toys for chewing

Hamster tooth will never stop growing during their entire life, so they will need to soothing to chew on to keep their tooth in check. There are several kinds of chewing toys but I would like to recommend untreated, unpainted wooden chew toys. Your friendly little chewing-friend will love you forever if you supply them with all the wooden toys.

Chewing toys not only work to keep their incisors from overgrowing but also giving them an activity to stave off boredom. These crunchy toys are a great way to do that.

#2 Exercise toys for dwarf hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are active animals, they love and need to do exercise every day. Their legs may be little, but they still need time and an opportunity to stretch them out. The most common exercise toys for dwarf hamsters are exercise ball and wheel.

With an exercise ball is a favorite way to let your hamsters run about and explore your home securely. Moreover, in the case if you want to clean the cage, you do not need to find an alternative cage to keep your hamster, just let them play with the ball. Exercise wheels and saucers can work wonders for their daily exercise. The wheel usually be placed inside the cage, offer hamsters a change to play with it whenever they want.

#3 Playing toys for dwarf hamsters

Place a puzzle house in the cage for your hamster to explore. There are also cardboard mazes that provide both entertainment and something to chew on. A wooden ladder to climb, a bridge to walk across, or a hanging swing are also some favorite playing toys of dwarf hamsters.

Just remember never providing them small toys made for children as they can choke your hamster or cause intestinal blockage.

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