What are the best affordable parakeet cages?

As a parakeet parent, it is your responsibility to take care of them, provide your bird with the most comfort as well as a safe and secure home. The best parakeet cage is one of the most important accessories when it comes to housing a parakeet for long-lasting health and security.

However, to ensure your parakeet will live happy and healthy, there are a lot of things you have to purchase on such as toys, perches, food, etc. And if you have limited budget, you will not go for the expensive cage. Here are my top picks for the parakeet cage on the market that not only offer the good quality but also affordable.

#1 Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

It is definitely not the cheap parakeet cage; however, I still consider it is the affordable cage due to its size and quality. If you want to purchase on the extra large cage to house multiple Parakeets, it is surely what you should get. It has a relatively low price tag in compare with other large cage for parakeet.

It measures 26″ long by 14″ wide by 36″ high. The removable tray and two hinged access doors make it completely access and easy to clean. It comes with two hooded cups for food and water. There are two litter doors next to the cups so you can easy fill them. It also comes with four wood perches.

#2 You & Me Parakeet Ranch House Cage

This perekeet cage measures 16.5 x 11.8 x 22 inches. It is ideal for a pair of parakeet and if you are minited in space, You and Me Parakeet ranch house cage will help you save your house space and also provide enough room for a pair of parakeet.

It comes in a relatively compact design, but your parakeet will get enough room to move or even fly around. This is the cheaper price than other Parakeet cages with stands. It offer twp wooden perches and two covered plastic food and water.

The bototm part of the cage is made of plastic and it also can be taken apart from the wire part and the removable grate and slide-out tray make it easy to clean. The peaked double roofs make it the fashionable decor for your home. However, it only provide a navy blue version.

#3 Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Lage

This is one of the most economical options when it comes to parakeet cage on the market. The cage measures 26″ long by 14″ wide by 22.5″ high. It is a good option if you have limited budget or if you want to save the space. However, its dementions just only suitable for a single parakeet, you cannot keep a multiple birds in this cage.

What I like about this cage is that it offer 4 wodden perches in the different situations which allow the parakeet sit on wherever they want. The removable grille and slide-out tray will help simplify daily cleanings. It also offer two plastic cups. It also features a unique triple roof design, which add the functional and stylish for its appearance.

#4 Prevue Hendryx Designer Scrollwork Series Jumbo Tiel Scrollwork Bird Cage in Black

If you are looking for the economical priced cage with the vintage look, this is what you should consider. Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage has the beautifull vintage design, which not only a cage but also can be use as a decor for your home. It measures 18″ long by 18″ wide, by 25″ high with ⅝-inch bar spacing, this cage is only enough room for a singer parrot and have no filght room. It is not the cage for housing multiple birds.

It features two plastic perches, the two plastic hooded seed and two plastic cups. It is not really good to use the platic acceories so you may have to purchase on the other perches and cups. It provides bottom grille and the slide out tray for easy cleaning. It offer the scrolled hook at the top of the cage, It is relatively durable and serure so that you can hang it on or place in the ground as your needs.

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