What is the best homemade hedgehog foods receipt?

Feeding your pets with the best hedgehog food is one of your biggest responsibilities as a pet owner. But how could you know if all the ingredients included in this food is safe or not? You need to be careful with what you exactly feed them.

This is why many hedgehog owners prefer to make homemade hedgehog foods for their pets. Homemade foods are not only tasty, good for their health but also save your money.

#1 Homemade hedgehog food receipt

If you wants to make sue that all ingredients used in your pet’s food is safe, this receipt is for you.

Receipt 1: All you need to have are thin-sliced livers that are cut into small cubes and frozen peas. Mix them together and fry it in a small amount of olive oil and wait until it’s cooked. Leave it a few minutes to cool down and then give it to your hedgehog in the hedgehog cage. You also can add some other vegetables that are safe for your hedgehogs in this receipt.

Receipt 2: Hedgehogs prefer to eat a variety food. Replace liver by chicken breast; also cut it into small cubes. Fry chicken in a little olive oil, with veggies, until cooked through. Shred it, wait a few minutes to cook down and serve.

Receipt 3: This is include, dead crickets and mealworms, a fresh banana, and a half of fresh apple. Shred it, mix all these ingredients together and serve.

#2 What can hedgehogs not eat?

Once you decide to create the homemade food for your hedgehogs, you have to know about what foods are safe and unsafe for them. Hedgehogs cannot eat highly acidic foods like citrus fruits and pineapples. They also can’t digest milk and dairy products because they are lactose intolerant.

Additionally, when choosing insect to feed them, you should not use the insects that found in the wild. Because these insects may include harbor bacteria, parasites, and viruses, what make the dead is possible for your hedgehog.

How to know if the food you are feeding hedgehogs is good?

One of the obvious sign showing that the food you give them is good if their health is in tip-top shape. Your hedgehog’s weight is stay within the safe range, they are not lose weight or being fat and the pets should also be very active. Additionally, the hedgehog will not get illness and should have the appetite to eat regularly.