How to proper fly spray for horses?

In the summer, putting fly spray for horses is the daily routine of every horse owners. But did you apply fly spray properly? To help your best fly spray for horses promote its effects of of keeping biting flies away from your horse safely as long as possible, this post will few tips will getting the most out of your fly spray.

#1 Spray enough amount of fly spray liquid

There are many horse owner make the mistakes to spray too litter. It is recommend spraying about 2 oz per horse. This amount is equivalent to four tablespoons of fly spray liquid. If it is difficult for you to estimate it, you can spray from the neck and then moving along the horse’s body until the horse coat is damp when you touch it. Sparyng the legs at last and avoid spraying the sensitive area such as eyes, nose and genital region.

#2 Brush your horses after spray

After finished spraying, you should brush all the horse coat with the best horse grooming brushes. Choose a medium bristled brush and brush over all of the areas you applied the spray. This will make the spray liquid last for longer and its less time to reapply it again. It also ensure that the fly spray apply deeply into the horse’s coat.

#3 Do not spray the face

Instead of directly spray the horse face, you should spray a dry clean cloth with the fly spray and then careful wipe it on their face. Avoiding the eye and nostril area. Also avoid wiping the above area of the eyes, because if your horse sweats, it may drip into the eye.

#4 Best time to apply

Best time of the day to apply fly spray is in the morning before the horses go outside and once again in the evening. This is because it is the time that flies look for food.