What are the best electric fillet knife?

It is obvious that fillet knife is an amazing tool which helps you makes precise cuts of filleting. However, if you prepare fish often, it is recommended to get the electric fillet knife as the manual ones from best fillet knife reviews may not satisfy your needs. You can see the difference immediately at the first time you use the electric knife.

Electric fillet knives take less time to clean your catch with less effort than the traditinal fillet knifes. There is no strain on your wrists when using electric fillet knife especially if you have to cut a large amount of meat or fish.

#1 Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

You can get a heavy duty fillet knife with an affordable price. It features non-stick firmly handle with grey and black colours. This handle not only nice looking but also provides reasonably deep finger-guard. It is a corded model so you will need to connect it with the power supply when using, what might be a little challenge if you want to take it out door for the trip, using in boat, or backyard.

The most attractive feature of this knife is that it is extremely powerful that will satisfy your needs. It can cut even through thick bones. Due to this, apart from fish, it could cut other meat as well. It comes with the blade measures 7.5 inches. This is the standard size for many mats and fish. It can be used for cutting even large breeds of fish. Most experienced users could fillet very quickly and comfortable with the Rapala. However, a few others got trouble with the trigger.

#2 Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

The Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is not one of the low cost options for who have the budget, out it is a powerful tool if you are looking for something can helps you cutting a fresh catch into fillets very quickly. This knife is designed for filleting all the fish size even small, medium, or large fishes.

It is cordless knife and offers two lithium-Ion batteries, thats means you can use it for such very long time without run out of power. The good nwes is that this type of batteries provides the logest run time compare with other electric fillet knife on the market, you do not need to switch batteries often. The battery even features LED battery life indicator, so you will know when you need to switch the batteries.

The carbon stainless steel blades with the titanium nitride coated will helps resist corrosion. The blade also comes with durable dual-rivet design for easy cutting. It offer some blades that can be interchanged, the kit includes a 7-inch and 9-inch E-Flex and 9-inch and 12-inch E-Stiff. All of these blades come in a sturdy lightweight package.

The no-slip grip handle of Bubba is designed with ergonomic trigger and a ventilation system that helps promote motor power and torque. Most of all, the knife is only weighs over a pound, due to its lightweight features, you can use it for cleaning lots of catches without causing muscle fatigue.

#3 American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

The American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife is the knife that I have been use before . It features non-slip handle with standard finger-guard that will fits most hand sizes. Personally, I wish the guard could be a bit longer for more safety, but most users are satisfied with it.

The switch on of American Angler is placed in very convenient trigger position that you can easy reach it with index finger. However some users complained that it could stick. The package of the American Angler Pro knife also provides an 8”, serrated, trailing tip knife. This knife has a sharp point.

American Angler Pro 8” is my favorite knife for shuc a long time due to its powerful motor, it is 2x more torque than any other Efk knife, what make it strong and power enough to cut through even big bones.

The handle is designed with advanced airflow, what keeps it cool during long term used. However, the downside here is that for users with bigger hands, the vents may release how air to their hand. Especially, this knife comes with a 2-Year limited lifetime warranty, so you know that you will always be suppored if there is any problems with American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife.

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