What are the best fillet knife for salmon?

Filleting your own salmon at home is the great way to save money and get the freshest possible salmon dish. Purchase on one of the best fillet knife reviews will help you simplify this challenging task. The right tool that is specially designed for filleting will save many hassles and efforts of large fish processing.

The biggest different between salmon fillet knives and the normal fillet knives is that since salmon are large fish, so you should get a longer fillet knife to get the best effective. Ideally, you should get a long, thin knife that is about 8-12 inches length to fillet salmon.

#1 Bubba 9 Inch Flex Fillet Knife

The knife measures 15 inches overall length with the 9-inch non-stick blade. This is the ideal length for filleting perfect and clean salmon slices. The blade is coated with ti-nitride, which will ensure it resistance to rust and dulling for such a long time. Besides, it also features an extra sharp tip, what make the first cut easier.

It comes with a non-slip grip handle, ensure the comfort grip and safety for users as well as provides ultimate knife control.

Bubba guarantee the safety for users when using this fillet knife. It is due to safety guards to protect you from the sharp blade and fish spines. It is designed with the trigger grip in the handle for added security.

Bubba 9 Inch Flex Fillet Knife will help you get the detailed precision cutting of salmon thanks to the a super thin 8Cr13MoV blade. It also features a belt loop, so you can safely carry it along with you. The only drawback is that it is a bit expensive.

#2 Rhinoreto Fillet Knife Fishing

There are 3 version of Rhinoreto Fillet Knife Fishing: 5”, 6.5”, 8”. To filleting salmon, ensure that you get the 8” blasé length. This fillet knife is perfect for cutting salmon. The blade is thin and flexible, but takes also ensure the clean-cut due to its sharp edge.

It Is especially designed for cutting through fish. The flexibility, non-stick coating blade makes it done the great job for slide meat, freshwater and saltwater fish. It is also easy to be sharpen with the double-sided, safe sharpener with the angled ceramic plates included in the package.

You can quickly sharpen your knife after cutting to get the best result. The knife offers the plastic sheath. The sheath will protect the blade from damage, keep it last for longer and also ensure the safety when you take it along with you for the trips.

It features a rubber handle that is specially designed to fit with all hand sizes and suits for both left and right-handed persons. However, the rubber handle tents to discolour with regular use.

#3 Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet

You can expect about the outstanding performance from Rapala fillet knife. It offers a full-tang Swedish progressively tapered stainless steel blade with the extremely sharp edge. It has the blade measures 7 ½ inches in length, what make it ideal for cutting and filleting any large fish such as including salmon.

This Fish N Fillet knife comes with classic Rapala reinforced birch varnished handle for the most comfortable when using it and nice looking.

Come along with the genuine leather sheath and the single-stage sharpener. The single-stage sharpener will keep blade always razor sharp and the leather sheath ensure the safety when the knife is not used.

However, as it is classic style, this fillet knife does not come with any safety features. If you do not have lots of experience about using fillet knife, it might be a bit dangerous for you. I only recommend this knife for those who are has filleting experience before.

#4 ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife comes with the tainless steel blade that has al length of 7 inches. It might be a little short for filleting salmon but I think if you do not fillet too large salmon, it is acceptable. This knife is one of the best seller for many reasons. What I like most about this knife is that it is made from a single piece of steel and iced hardened, which means that it is extremely durable and strength.

Henckels guarantee that the blade is stain resistant and can keep the sharpness for such a long time. The handle is designed in the classic style but it provides the finger guard as well as right balance.

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