What are the best Vest style harnesses for ferret?

Walking your ferret on the harness can be the best boding time with it, help them release energy and be healthy. Being leash and harness trained also keep your ferret secure and safe whenever you take it out. Although H style harness is a recommend kind of harness for most ferret, it is not always good for all the case.

I would like to recommend vest style as the best ferret harness for owners who are keeping small ferrets or harness training baby ferrets or the ferrets have good behaviours and do not prone to wiggling out of a harness. This is because the ferret vests are usually made from soft material, which make ferret more comfortable and easier wearing their harnesses.

#1 Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash, Colors Vary

This harness form Kaytee is one of the best vest style harness for ferret. You will have difficulty finding the H style harnesses that fit with small ferrets. However, this Vest ferret available in 3 sizes are small, medium and large. No matter how small your ferret is, you will get the size that suitable for it.

This harness is adjustable that will a 5” to 7” neck and a 7” to 9” waist. The straps are velcro so you can adjust it to fit with ferret body and it also makes the vest easier to wear. The stretchable harness will ensure it impossible for the ferret to escape while also makes it feel comfortable due to the Velcro straps. However, after times the Velcro tents to loses its stickiness and might not be tight enough to hold ferret.

#2 Ware Manufacturing Nylon Walk-N-Vest Pet Harness and Leash for Small Pets

Ware Manufacturing vest style harness is available in 4 sizes are small, medium, large and XL large, which ensure that it fit with whatever ferret sizes. However, it is better to carefully measure your ferret before buying to make sure that it fit with your ferret.

If you have a baby ferret and want to leash train it at home, it is what you will need. It provides the extremely comfortable sense for ferret. The neck size is about 4”- 6” and the body size is 8”- 10”. It features Velcro and clips, what make it easier to put on and take off.

This harness and leash is made from high quality, durable nylon mesh. The nylon material ensures it is long lasting. The mesh design is breathable and makes it suitable for using year around. It is also washable and colorfast.

#3 Alfie Pet – Jaylin Harness and Leash Set for Small Animals

This vest style harness includes a harness and leash. It has the D-ring clip at the back, what makes it evenly distribute restraint across the chest, not only the neck of the ferret. Due to this, ferret will feel comfortable wearing this harness. It is also made of soft, lightweight and breathable material.

It is machine washable. The neck size is 4″ – 5″, the body size is 7″ – 9″ and leash is 46″ in length. It available in 2 colors, pink and blue. However, the drawback is that if you keeping a small ferret, it might not fit your pet. Measuring your pet before purchasing on this harness and leash.

#4 Stock Show Small Animal Outdoor Walking Vest Harness and Leash

This is the unique design vest style harness that is made from denim cloth. It comes in 3 colors and patterns are black stripe, blue stripe and pink star. There is also the bow with a litter bell at the back. If you are looking for the fashion, cute design that can keep your ferret warm, you should consider this one.

The leash is connected at the back, that means it put the strain over the whole chest, not over the neck. The ferret will enjoy the sound that the bell makes, it also help you locate your pets as well.

The neck size is 5.5-6.7 inches, the chest size is 7.1-8.7 inches. With a bright beautiful color, bow and bell decoration, you will have fun time bonding with your ferret when take it out for walks.

#5 Pettom Harness with Stretchy Leash Breathable Mesh Vest

What I like about this vest harness is that it made of mesh – breathable material, so you can use it in both winter and summer. The PETTOM Vest fits well with your ferret while ensure their secure and feel comfortable.

The elastic leash helps you easy control your ferret and also do not make ferret fell strain on its body. It features the soft padded. This harness will be easy to take off or put on due to strong hook and loop and plastic closure. They are 4 colors available black, blue, pick and red.