Should I use fabric bedding for hedgehogs?

When it comes to setting up an enclosure for your hedgehog, you may realize that you have a lot of bedding options to choose from and some of them are more appropriate for a hedgehog than others. And fabric bedding is one of the best bedding for hedgehogs that most hedgehog owners will use at a certain point.

Honestly, I have been use fabric bedding for a long time and it is my favorite bedding option too. However, nothing is perfect and there are things I want to complain about when using fleece or another fabric bedding.

#1 Pros of fabric bedding

Unlike pellets or shavings, fabric bedding is washable and can be reused over a long time. It is a good option if you do not want to have to go through the continual recycle the disposable options. Due to this, fabric also the cheapest option in the long term as you can use it multiple times.

Hedgehogs love feeling cozy and nice while they are sleeping and walk around at night. Fabric bedding is actually what makes that possible. Overall, fabric bedding is comfy, in comparison to some other kinds of beddings.

You also do not have to worry about dyes and additives and harmful chemicals. There are no toxic components in fabric bedding. It is unlikely to harbor pests. There are also no wood splinters, dust or other small pieces.

One thing that make me love fabric bedding is that most of the fabric bedding could be machine-washable, what make it always clean and hygienic condition. You’ll not need to worry about the cleaning, even though it needs to be done more frequently.

#2 Cons of fabric bedding

Some low quality fabric bedding or over time, fabric bedding may have loose thread, which can wrap around toes or feet and block circulation. I would like to recommend that you should always check for any loose threads on a regular basis and before add it in your hedgehog’s cage.

Some light accessories may slide and need to be fixed in the surface of the fabric. Moreover, fabric bedding do not provide any change for hedgehog to borrow inside.

#3 How to use fabric bedding

It is better to use light colors fabric bedding. It allows you to easy see uncommon changes in the dropping and what part is dirt and need to be clean. To prevent your hedgehog from skin issues you should wash it with sensitive detergent.

In order to allow your pets to burrow in the fabric bedding cage, you should add some other sort like paper bedding in different areas of the cage, so you can create spaces where your hedgie can burrow.